Supported Living

At Kyah Services, our supported living service is dedicated to providing substantial support for individuals aged 16 to 25. We are committed to fostering positive networks, nurturing strengths, and addressing weaknesses to help young adults achieve their aspirations. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections, pursue education and work opportunities, and build a strong foundation for a successful future.

Our expertise lies in assisting young adults facing challenges such as homelessness. We offer tailored support to those experiencing family breakdown, young parents, care leavers, and individuals overcoming addiction.

Providing a Supportive Environment

Kyah Supported Living creates a secure environment for young adults to learn, grow, and transition into adulthood. Our person-centred approach, guided by well-structured care plans, empowers each individual to progress toward their goals.

Services Overview

Kyah Services prioritises health, mental wellbeing, relationship building, practical skills development, and support provision. Our services encompass maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring security and safety, managing daily tasks, fostering positive connections, and facilitating access to education, training, and work opportunities.

Our comprehensive support includes:

healthy living

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

security and safety

Ensuring security and safety

handling cleaning and shopping

Handling cleaning and shopping

positive relationship

Cultivating positive relationships

education icon

Assisting in accessing apprenticeships, education, and work


Managing correspondence

healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Additional Support Services:

Upon transition to independent living, we offer short-term follow-on support if needed, ensuring a smooth progression towards self-sufficiency.

Get the Support You Need

At Kyah Services, we’re dedicated to empowering young adults, helping them overcome challenges, and facilitating their journey towards a successful and fulfilling life.

If you're seeking welcoming supported living accommodation for yourself or a loved one, contact us to learn more.